Aluminum Melting Furnace

Automated Metal Transfer & Pouring System

Gravity Die Casting Machine(600×900 mm)

Decoring Machine

Auto Sprayers for HPDC Machine

Auto Conveying System For Paint Shop

Fully Automated Pre-Treatment Transporters For Power Coating Shops

Pre-Treatment Lines For Paint Shop

Gravity Die Casting Machine
(0 To 140 ℃)

SPM For Multiple Drill/Tap Operations

SPM For Subassemblies

Gravity Die Casting Machine(Stationary Type)

Component Washing Machine

Auto Extraction Manipulators for HPDC Machine

Gravity Die Casting Machine(Casting Catcher)

Dross Recovery Machine

Transfer Ladal With Cover Machine

Gravity Die Casting Machine(Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Control)