“Restore. Rebuild. Renew”


Professionally carried out reconditioning and upgrading of die casting machines secure their long-term availability and are attractive alternatives to new investments. There are state of the art re-building facilities at GANESHA SOLUTIONS Pune Plant. This means that competent partners offering a comprehensive range of services in the re-building and retrofit of used die casting machines and equipment are locally at your service.
As a complement to our custom machine building capabilities, we offer comprehensive machine repair, rebuilding and refurbishment services. In many situations, your objectives can best be met through retooling, reconditioning, and/or upgrading the technology of your existing equipment (Design Change). Proper rebuilding and refurbishment can increase production efficiency and extend machine life.
The services we provide in this area range from updating electronic controls to complete teardowns and subsequent mechanical, Hydraulic and electrical retrofits. We will work closely with you to determine the appropriate level of refurbishment to meet your goals and maximize your return on investment. Our experienced personnel can provide you with timely and realistic assessments of what would be involved. Contact us to find out more.

Typical Machine Refurbishment Applications
  • Complete strip down and rebuild of High Pressure Die casting machines raging from 100T up to 3500T.
  • Complete strip down and rebuild of HPDC machine peripherals like, Trimming Press, Auto sprayers, Auto Ladlers, Dosing Furnaces, & Extractors.
  • Complete strip-down and rebuild of Gravity Die casting machines.
  • Complete strip-down and rebuild of Low Pressure Die casting machines
    • Restoration of complete die casting machine set up with latest automation techniques
    • Software updates
    • Control system upgrades
    • Upgrades of entire die casting machine cells
Reconditioning Process Flow

Step 1

Used Machine Received  

Step 2

Dismantling And Shifting 

Step 3

Parts Machining and Replacements

Step 4

Control Replacement

Step 5

Machine Assembly

Step 6

Testing and Trials 

Review Mechanism

Machine Alignment Using CMM

Strain Gauge Testing

Control Testing